Relationship R&D



Relationship R&D is a joint project of Prism Mental Health and Seal Dwyer Counseling that features a co-therapy model where a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor work together with you to benefit your communication. This allows multiple perspectives space in the room, and can help show different and effective ways forward.

One of the concerns that face many people seeking relationship counseling is the feeling that they won’t be understood and validated as individuals within the relationship. Our approach ensures that each member of the couple is able to form a solid therapeutic relationship individually with their therapist or counselor, and then we meet together as a group — and have all four horses pulling in the same direction.

We also work with people in well-established polyamorous relationships and couples exploring different relationship structures.

The goal of Relationship R&D is open, honest, transparent communication, and through that the best and healthiest possible relationships.

For more information about Seal, see the Relationship R&D website and Seal Dwyer Counseling.

Please contact me ( or Seal (, 320-296-2530) if you are interested in setting up an appointment and applying the results R&D to your relationship!