Therapy Sponsorship Program

One of the realities of the LGBTQ+ community is poverty.  Because of this, I offer income-based discounts to all session fees.

Even with these discounts, it can be difficult for people to afford therapy.  It is my firm belief that no one should be denied therapy for economic reasons.  Because of this, I offer an anonymous sponsorship program for clients.  As a sponsor, your donation is used directly to offset fees for individuals who cannot afford the lowest sliding scale rate — it does not disappear into general overhead costs.  Sponsorship funds will be distributed as cash payments into individual’s accounts.  Donations are not tax-deductible, but they do a lot of good to people in need.

Because of confidentiality concerns, donors and recipients will not be aware of each other’s identities.  Neither will someone’s rates go up if sponsorship funds cease to become available — so no one’s therapy is entirely dependent on a stranger’s ability to donate.  Instead, their negotiated discount will remain in effect regardless of sponsorship status.

Funds are accepted from individuals and organizations.  Fund sources have included Facebook fundraisers, other internet fundraisers, and table donations at St. Cloud Pride (in 2017, donors received a free fidget spinner with each donation of any amount).

Individual and Monthly sponsorships are available.

INDIVIDUAL: Any amount.

MONTHLY: A regular recurring credit card charge of any amount that will be used to offset costs.  ($10/month minimum)

Please contact Prism Mental Health at 320-217-9964 or email if you are interested in providing a sponsorship for a person in need.