Meet the Therapist

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Patrick RichardsFink, MS LPC

Education: I received a Bachelor of Science in 2013 from Saint Cloud State University.  I graduated Magna Cum Laud with a major in Community Psychology and a minor in Philosophy.  I continued my education at SCSU and received a Master of Science in Community Counseling in 2015 after completing an internship at Element Mental Health Services.

In November 2015, seeing the need for an LGBTQ+ specific mental health practice in Saint Cloud after the closure of Element, I opened Prism Mental Health LLC.

Other experience: As an out bisexual activist, I was on the Board of Directors of BiNet USA from 2013 to 2016, and have blogged extensively about bisexual issues at my blog Eponymous Fliponymous as well as articles at Huffington Post.

Besides my education, I bring life experience and multiple perspectives to the therapy room — before college in my 40s, I worked in a variety of jobs: factories, retail, phone centers, and more as well as being a wedding officiant.

My theoretical approach to counseling is existential, with feminist influences — the short version is that I work to see the world through your eyes as best as I can and use that to help you navigate the fundamental questions of existence, while keeping in mind that we are all affected by the culture we live in.  Sometimes our problems are our problems, but sometimes what are seen as problems are actually coping mechanisms for living in a society that is hostile to who we are.  This is especially the case for people in marginalized populations such as the LGBTQ+ community, racial minorities, and people in relationship structures that don’t match society’s standard narrative.