transgender_symbol flag

Prism Mental Health LLC recognizes and nurtures all genders, including those under the Transgender umbrella.  This includes non-binary identities, Genderqueer, Bigender, and Agender.

Working with the trans community has always been a core part of my practice rather than an add-on, and I am proud to serve as an advocate and helper rather than as a gatekeeper.

Transgender-specific services include hormone referral letters, surgery referral letters, and ongoing post-transition support.  For people in Minnesota but outside of the Saint Cloud area, internet counseling leading to referral letters is available.

The process for hormone referrals requires a minimum of 12 weeks — this is in order to establish stable or improved mental health.  The 12 week program is based on the WPATH Standards of Care, 7th Version, which I recommend you download here.

You are the expert on your experience, and as a cisgender person helping transgender people, I recognize that my function is not to challenge who you are but to help you be your authentic self, to assist you as you navigate systems with roadblocks others have placed.


My pronouns are he/him, what are yours?