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Prism Mental Health LLC recognizes and nurtures all genders, including those under the Transgender umbrella.  This includes non-binary identities, Genderqueer, Bigender, and Agender.

Transgender-specific services include hormone referral letters, surgery referral letters, and ongoing post-transition support.  For people in Minnesota but outside of the Saint Cloud area, internet counseling leading to referral letters is available.

The process for hormone referrals requires a minimum of 12 weeks — this is in order to establish stable or improved mental health.  The 12 week program is based on the WPATH Standards of Care, 7th Version, which I recommend you download here.  My experience working with transgender people and writing referral letters was gained during internship and employment at Element Mental Health, an LGBTQ+ focused agency that has unfortunately closed but whose name is still known in the Saint Cloud community.


My pronouns are he/him, what are yours?