Q: Does Prism Mental Health offer mental health services for everyone?
A: I offer services for all adults, both general mental health (such as depression and anxiety) and LGBTQ+ specific (coming out, transition, etc.) My practice serves people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  I will provide referrals to other counselors for adolescents.

Q: Can you help me transition? What’s the process?
A: Yes. I follow the Standards of Care as published by the World Association For Transgender Health in order to help people who are interested in hormonal and/or surgical gender transition meet the requirements for medical transition.  Gender therapy resulting in a referral letter generally takes 12 weeks, but can take longer if other significant mental health concerns are present.

Q: What about nonbinary/genderqueer/genderfluid/agender people? And asexuals? What about straight people?
A: Absolutely! All means all. I also gladly serve people in related communities such as BDSM/Kink and Furry.

Q: Do you have any other areas of special experience?
A: I have experience working with adults on the Autism Spectrum, and with people in polyamorous relationships.

Q: What are the benefits of your sliding scale?
A: In many cases, deductibles and/or co-pays can be higher than sliding scale rates. Control of your mental health care is in your hands, not those of an insurance company that does not know you or what you need.  The sliding scale is income based and individually negotiated within a range from $30-$100/session with the median around $45.

Q: Do you offer treatment for Chemical Dependency?
A: Not directly, but if you are in or graduated from a CD program I will support your sobriety. In addition, referrals to local CD treatment programs are offered if needed.

Q: What are your hours?
A: Appointment times are flexible, Tuesday thru Friday. In general appointments will be scheduled no earlier than 10:00 am and no later than 8:00 pm.   If this is an emergency, please contact 911 or the 4 County Crisis Response Team at 1-800-635-8008.

Q: What services are not offered?

A: I do not offer in-home, residential, CTSS, ARMHS, or psychiatry.  I am happy to provide referrals for these services if they are appropriate to you.

Q: My question is not answered on your website.

A: Please email info@prismmentalhealth.com with questions or to set up a free phone consultation, where I will be happy to answer your concerns.